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Senate revisions to tree bill may better fit Abbott’s vision

August 8 - American Statesman: The new HB7 adds that localities may not prohibit the removal of trees less than 24 inches in diameter; sets a maximum removal fee of $400; and stipulates that a city can’t regulate trees that are outside its city limits but within its extraterritorial jurisdiction. 

Here's where the Texas Legislature is on Abbott's special session issues

August 7 - Star-Telegram: Lawmakers are looking at measures that would weaken local ordinances on tree preservation or make them illegal. Both chambers have passed bills related to this issue, but neither chamber has agreed to the other’s version yet. 

State of Texas: In Depth - Why everyone is talking about trees

August 6 - KXAN:  Advocates gathered this week at the Texas State Capitol for a bipartisan reading of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax in protest of the bill that would preempt local tree protection ordinances.

Dr. Suess book used to rally for tree ordinances

August 2 - FOX 7 NEWS:   Governor Abbott made cracking down on local tree laws part of his call for the special session. Wednesday, a group of tree advocates came to the state capitol to keep those laws firmly planted in place.

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