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Local tree ordinances could be cut in Texas

July 4 - Austin-American Statesman: Roughly 50 Texas cities, many in the Austin area, have ordinances protecting trees.  Many local officials say the special legislative session is an attack on local control.

'Nature will be gone:' Dallas residents fear the worst if Abbott fells 'socialistic' tree laws

June 15 - Dallas Morning News:  Dallas is in the midst of rewriting its longstanding tree ordinance; that overhaul is supposed to go to City Council in October. 

This Week: Behind Greg Abbott’s Bizarre Beef with Tree Ordinances

June 16 - Texas Observer: When Governor Greg Abbott included nixing local tree ordinances as one of 20 agenda items for the July 18 special session, many were left scratching their heads.  

Will Texas lawmakers ax tree ordinances in more than 50 cities?

June 14 - Texas Tribune:  Dozens of cities and towns in Texas have ordinances aimed at protecting trees. During the special legislative session, Gov. Greg Abbott wants to change that.

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