Thanks for Helping Us Defend Texas Trees!

We defeated Gov. Abbott's attempts to override local tree ordinances in 2017— With your help, we can stop them again!

Find out how candidates for state government will act on protecting trees in 2019...

Campaign Background

2017 Special Session

Defend Texas Trees—a coalition of cities, public officials, local org's, and tree advocates—formed to stop lawmakers from overriding dozens of local ordinances that protect trees. After generating thousands of calls and emails to lawmakers, the worst attempts to override local control on tree protections were defeated and only a compromise bill was signed by the Governor.

Upcoming Work

Defend Texas Trees is now working to evaluate candidates for the Texas House and Senate that will support our efforts to defend local protections on trees.

We expect lawmakers will again try to preempt these local rules that exist in dozens of Texas cities. We will need your help to ensure we succeed again!

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