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Question Candidates for State Office about their Stand on Local Tree Protection Ordinances

The Texas primaries are on March 6 (with run-offs if needed on May 22 and the General Election on November 6). It’s time to ask candidates for state office how they will vote on bills to take away local government’s ability to protect their trees.

 * (State Senators have 4-year terms and half of them are up for election every 2 years, so you may NOT have a race in your district.) 

Step 1 - Find out your state legislative districts

If you need to know your State House and State Senate* districts, look on your voter registration card for the most precise information or check here: 

Step 2 - Find out names of candidates running for State House & Senate

  1. Texas Secretary of State’s website - these listings include a street address and sometimes an email
  2. Texas Tribune state policy and politics website has the candidates, but no contact info
  3. Contact the political parties in your county to find out who is running in your State House and State Senate districts and how to contact them.  

Step 3 - Find out how to reach out to candidates - use any and all methods you are comfortable with

  1. Serious candidates will have websites, Facebook pages and probably Twitter accounts, so you can send questions through any or all of these channels. Look for a phone number and call to ask if the candidates is having any meet-and-greet events near you
  2. County parties and local news outlets will probably publicize candidate forums and debates 

Step 4 - Ask respectfully for their stance on local tree protection ordinances

Possible questions include: 

  1. Do you support allowing Texas cities to set standards for tree preservation within city limits and bordering regions—their Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction—or ETJ?
  2. Would you oppose legislation that would take away local government’s ability to protect heritage trees?


Debunking Myths about Local Tree Ordinances

Local rules on tree preservation help the economy, public health, and the general well-being of towns and cities.

Map of Cities with Tree Ordinances

Check out this interactive map to find out which cities in Texas already have tree preservation ordinances!

Sample Letter to Your City Council and Mayor

Download this short form letter and address it to your Mayor and Council Member to urge them to contact State Officials about defending trees!